will perform their song cycle




to commemorate the 2 anniversaries

of the birth of human rights


And reach out to share our story

so that others will share theirs.

NOVEMBER 2020 marks two significant anniversaries

70 years 

since signing the

European Convention

on Human Rights,

75 years 

since the

Nuremberg War Crimes Trials



We will


Perform Dreams of Peace & Freedom

at the seven centres of the story between August and November 2020.



Dornoch, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Oxford,

Nuremberg, Strasbourg, London

9 englishcabaretx



In order to share our story across a number of platforms we are preparing a recording, a podcast, a film, and an ebook.


This year we have :


Recorded piano and vocals, together with narration, for our podcast, which is now available.


We will return to the studio to add instrumentation

to complete a record of

Dreams of Peace & Freedom.


Filmed in Dornoch, Edinburgh, Liverpool,

Oxford, London and Nuremberg.

We will visit Strasbourg shortly to finish.


Over the summer we will

Edit Dreams of Peace and Freedom :

The Human's in the Telling

for each platform.    


We will launch on Human Rights Day

10th December 2019.

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In the run up to November 2020

December 2018 - November 2020

We are

Sharing our story across a range of media platforms

to inspire reflection, encourage debate and

prompt sharing.


Ours is a family story about our human rights hero.

We want others to tell us about theirs.


We know the issues raised by our family history are topical, so via social media @EnglishCabaret,

throughout our project, we have been responding to current events through the prism of our story,

to further the values that are embedded within it.

We now also tweet regularly @OfficialTHINT


We celebrate parliamentarians and politicians

who breathe life into manufactured politics;


we welcome lively interventions from others

outside the political world;


salute human rights heroes in advance of

our outreach search for many more,


and will continue to relate events as they happen.



August - November 2020

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