DREAMS OF PEACE & FREEDOM premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014, and has since toured nationally and internationally.


A series of planned commemorative performances at the centres of Maxwell Fyfe's journey, which follow the stream of Natural Justice from Nuremberg to Natural Law in Strasbourg cannot be confirmed at present.


However the 75th anniversary of IMT Nuremberg stretches to October 2021 which provides opportunities to reschedule later if necessary.

Find out more about our commemorative performances below. Each week we are uploading a different Instagram story about our 7 centres of inspiration ... click the image to visit


5th September (postponed)


at the Clashmore Hall,

in partnership with HistoryLinks Museum

and the Dornoch Academy


The source of the stream of natural justice, Dornoch was the home of Maxwell Fyfe’s mother, Isabel. His admiration for the astonishing beauty of this corner of Sutherland and stories of family tragedy kindled Maxwell Fyfe’s lifelong interest in the law of nature.


27th August (postponed)


at George Watson’s School, in partnership with C Venues


David Maxwell Fyfe attended George Watson’s as a scholar, renewing the funding for his education each year. His childhood in Edinburgh fired him with the romance of Walter Scott and the enlightened natural law of James Wilson and John Witherspoon, both founding fathers of the USA.


27th November


at Mansfield College, in partnership with

Mansfield College and the Human Rights Hub


David Maxwell Fyfe deepened his commitment to the law of nature through his study of classics at Oxford University. Today those same values are vested in the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights, recently opened in the grounds of Mansfield College.


7th November


at The Globe Theatre Liverpool Museum,

in partnership with National Museums Liverpool


David Maxwell Fyfe spent the first fifteen years of his adult professional life working in Liverpool, and was MP for the West Derby constituency from 1935 until 1954. Most importantly, his muse, partner and wife Sylvia was born and brought up in the city. Her brother was the actor Rex Harrison.

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9th December


at JW3, in partnership with Rene Cassin


Many of those who walked with Maxwell Fyfe towards the Convention on Human Rights in Europe were friends from Nuremberg. Amongst them was

Hersch Lauterpacht, one of the founding fathers of international law. Also at Nuremberg was

Raphael Lempkin, who campaigned tirelessly for the recognition of genocide as a crime. He successfully convinced Maxwell Fyfe to bring it before the tribunal. This performance commemorates their work, and others from the Jewish community who moulded rights and freedoms from the atrocity of Holocaust.

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at The Palace of Justice, in partnership with Memorium Nuremberg Trials.


David Maxwell Fyfe’s year in Nuremberg was a pivot point in his life. At Nuremberg he contributed to the re-awakening of natural justice after the years of barbarity, and created a record of Nazi atrocity. And he confronted the perpetrators. But Nuremberg also allowed for a period of reflection which nurtured his championing of human rights. The exhibition at the Palace of Justice attracts many thousands of visitors each year.


2nd December


at Churchill College, in partnership with the Churchill Archives


During his lifetime Maxwell Fyfe left a selection of personal papers on long term loan at the then recently established Churchill Archive. In 2009 these and his remaining papers were given to the Archive for safe keeping and access. This gift recognised Maxwell Fyfe’s admiration for Winston Churchill, who he saw as his clan’s chief, and the expertise of the team at the Archive who, under director Allen Packwood, are assembling extraordinary collections which capture the governance of this country of the past century.




After his year prosecuting the Nazis in Nuremberg, David Maxwell Fyfe was invited by Winston Churchill to take part in the Congress of Europe at the Hague in May 1948. Following this he became  a member of the inaugural Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, attending their meetings in Strasbourg in August 1949 and 1950. He chaired the committee that negotiated a draft of a Convention on Human Rights that was adopted by the Assembly of the Council of Europe, and signed in November 1950.

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For our larger scale commemorative performances later in the year, we are working in partnership with local choirs and colleges to join our instrumentalists and lead singers.  


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