Two quotations that inspired this story:


Helena Kennedy describes human rights as ‘a beautifully hybrid thing, legal, political, philosophical  which draw their authority from and in turn make manifest certain threads found across vast distances in space and time..It’s the deeper sense of the human  that these rights are striving for


Theodore Zeldin wrote: ‘Our imaginations are inhabited by ghosts, familiar ghosts which reassure, the lazy ones which make us obstinate and, above all, the frightening ones which discourage.  The past haunts us.





RB - Robert Blackmore - the words of David Maxwell Fyfe

LB - Lily Blackmore - the words of Sylvia Maxwell Fyfe/ Singer

SEC - Sue Casson - Narrator/Singer

TB - Tom Blackmore - Commentator

March 2018


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Below you can read the script for the  filmed recording of Dreams of Peace & Freedom with additional material for thr film..


Alongside you can click on the links to the script as it is at present. This is frequently updated.

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