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The Human's in the Telling.

Bulllet Journal Edit 1 Bujo plans Map 2

Planning for the countdown to 2020

Liverpool Prod Shot 12 Monday

International Holocaust Memorial Day - Oxford 2019 & Liverpool 2016

Day 2 - Dornoch

Filming in Sutherland, Scotland February 2019...

Day 5 - Oxford Day 3 - Edinburgh Edinburgh, David Maxwell Fyfe's home and inspiration...

THURS.2 Edin 1 Liverpool, where David Maxwell Fyfe worked as a lawyer and was MP for West Derby for nearly 20 years...

...and in Oxford, where David Maxwell Fyfe studied at Balliol College, during and after WWI

DMF Oxford Radcliffe Camera Withyham Runnymede

Filming in London, Runnymede & Withyham

March 2019

MON Filming THINT Day 1 - Travel Day 4 - Liverpool DMF Liverpool Cathedral and Dock THU DMF London 1 DMF London 2

First visit in 2012

Nuremberg 2 (2) DoPaF 5 Us in the Courtroom 2019

In Courtroom 600, Nuremberg, where the War Crimes Trials took place

Performing in 2016 with Jessica Holgate

Filming in 2019

WED Filming in Zirndorf Grand Hotel

Recording harmonies at Lana Banana Studios/ April 2019


Throwback to the first recording of Dreams of Peace & Freedom October 2014

...and Under an English Heaven with the Phoenix Singers

November 2010

Recording at David Chiltern Recording in Casterton David Chiltern 2

and filming in Nuremberg & Zirndorf, March 2019

Music for recording